Protecting the planet, one block of land at a time.

the first global community-owned wildlife reserve

The marketplace

Buy a block. Protect the planet.

An accessible way for anyone to own and protect a piece of Africa’s wilderness.

By purchasing a R3WILD land block, you are not only investing in nature. You are protecting a piece of wilderness for endangered species to thrive, restoring biodiversity and offsetting carbon dioxide

We focus on connecting wilderness ecosystems, creating conservation corridors for animals and biodiversity to move freely and expand naturally.

Marketplace coming soon.

how it works

Buy a block.

Buy a block.

Digital land blocks from 1m² to several acres will be available to purchase on the R3WILD marketplace, directly linked to actual blocks of physical wilderness.

R3WILD experiences.

R3WILD experiences.

Members are granted access to the R3WILD ecosystem where they can witness live rewilding progress and interaction in real-time from anywhere in the world.


R3WILD rewards.

Members will receive access to R3WARDS with our brand partners.

Easy buy & sell.

Easy buy & sell.

Land holders can sell their blocks instantly at any time, without the hassle of legal papers and transfer fees.

Our Mission.

acres protected in africa
species protected
tonnes of Co2 offset

Our Team.

A team of rewilding and conservation experts with 25 years of experience, an extensive network and a successful track record having been integral to the restoration of wildlife projects across Africa and the conservation of endangered species.

Grant Fowlds

Dr Will Fowlds

Jess Harris

Brendan Gage

our partners

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